28 April 2006

Some of the Facial Nerves!

(Countdowns: Class Days - 2, Days until last exam - 14, Days to leave the island - 18).

To be quite honest, not too much has taken place since the last time I've written. Things have bogged down here at "Bob Marley State University" (as some have taken to calling SGU), and to illustrate the bogging down, I posted a picture of one of the many schematics on which I will be tested in the coming weeks. It was drawn on one of the chalkboards in the anatomy lab the other day by a woman who is now infamous around school as everyone I know has a copy of the schematic. (Don't tell her it's now on the internet!)

The good news, however, is that tomorrow is Saturday, meaning I (along with three friends) am going to have a home-cooked meal at one of our professor's homes. I'm reasonably excited about this, and it becomes all the more exciting when we found out that he is leaving after this semester to teach anatomy at a different medical school. Being one of our favorite teachers, had we known this prior to the auction (See previous post), there is no way we could have afforded the meal! Hopefully there will be some good pictures after the apple-pie, lobster bisque, steak and other good things that will be consumed.

I have also posted some pictures from golfing the other weekend, and they can be found in the "Golf Outing" under "My Pictures" to the right of the page. In the "three stooges" picture, you can see Andy (left) and Jeff (right), and the three of us will be roommates in the coming semester.

We went out to dinner for Easter (since we did not get an Easter Break, we though we should celebrate). So, we went to the Beach House, which is one of the nicer restaurants on the island. It was an excellent meal, and we happened to be seated next to the Dean of Students. He was having a great time with his wife, a number of students and some professors, and decided to buy our table a drink, too! So, of course we had to get a picture with the good doctor and his wife. (Interestingly enough, they have been at SGU since it was founded.) I have posted the pictures of that dinner as well.

Finally, after briefly watching some of the semi-annual "Four v. Four - Basketball Court Soccer Tournament", I have an observation (heavily researched) of life in Grenada. In order to have an event be official, there must be four things involved:
- First, there will be barbeque (chicken, pork, ribs, you name it).
- Second, there has to be a beet tent with "Carib" written all over it (and Carib must be offered along with Carlsberg and Smirnoff Ice - I have no explanation for the third choice).
- Third, there must be loud and obnoxiously angry reggae music playing.
- Fourth, and I'm convinced this step is crucial, there need to be Digicel (and oftentimes Cable and Wireless) banners all over the place. These are the two cell-phone services on the island and they are selling phones and plans at every opportunity!

Enjoy the pictures and make sure to avoid infections in the "danger areas" of the scalp and face (which can be found in the loose connective tissue of the scalp and the angle of the nose, respectively).


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