02 February 2007

Semi-Annual Top Ten

Second term is an interesting time at SGU. There is slightly more free time, but this is spent taking naps and worrying about which class to study for next. We spent about the same amount of time at the beach, the same amount of time goofing off and the same amount of time studying our butts off for the next exam. But, now that we are all second year medical students, it's time to reflect on the good times that we just experienced. And, without any more boring introduction, I present the second installment of the BMSU 'Top Ten':

1. "You're going to have to come back; she's in a bad mood." - A registration clerk. A friend of mine was trying to straighten out some information regarding his registration. Unfortunately for him, it seemed the clerk was not having the best day, so the best advice the neighboring desk could give was to simply go away. It's hardly a surprise given the strenuous work ethic . . . oh, who am I kidding, there is no work ethic, but its such a great response to someone seeking help.

2. "You can't buy that right now because we haven't scanned them into the computer." - The check-out lady at the local campus store. In order to streamline the process of buying simple goods on campus, they installed a scanner and computer register over the summer. Unfortunately, they had not figured out how to actually use this technology and were unwilling to actually type in the price (since the prices remained the same) so that I could purchase a bag of chips. Just another example of Grenadians working hard to please.

3. "All neurons have one thing in common: they are small." - Dr. House. A classic line from one of the few good professors we actually had this term. This was our first lecture about neuro-transmission and it helped to have a little brevity to begin the day.

4. "Last night, when I went to use the toilet before bedtime, I found that a crab was inside my toilet! And it helped me to find a good use for your physiology textbook; I slammed it onto the toilet seat and started flushing like mad! My heart started pumping at a much faster rate and my sympathetic nervous system was activated soon afterward. Just imagine if I were describing two-point discrimination in class today!" - Dr. Pontus Persson. He was one of our lecturers for physiology and taught all the material relating to the physiological responses of the heart to various stimuli. I can honestly say that this is an experience I have not yet had!

5. "A 10 out of 10 on the pain scale is like being in Grenada, metaphysically." - I actually said this during a discussion amongst the roommates about how every patient who walked into St. Michael's Emergency Department had a 10/10, no matter what the actual ailment. I was trying to describe what an actual 10/10 would feel like and it seemed the most appropriate at the time.

6. "Have you ever heard of a pharyngeologist? No. Have you ever heard of a kidneyologist? Yes. Then study that." - Andy Hutchens, my roommate. During our 2nd term, various students could apply to help teach subjects to those people who were taking them in their 1st term. Andy was in the anatomy lab as a demonstrator, helping 1st-term students to gain a better understanding of what to study and pointing out various structures on the different cadavers. One of the students came to him and asked a very detailed question regarding whether or not a certain structure located in the pharynx would be on the exam. Andy simplified matters by offering this easy explanation.

7. "B is the new A." - Sandy Sicular. In discussing our final grades for the semester, this short phrase was uttered and has taken on life of it's own since then. Sandy gets credit for saying it first, but you hear it all the time around campus as everyone is laughing when they say/hear it. Its only fitting that we would have such a slogan here at BMSU.

Well, I've noticed that I've again left this list far-short of the ten required for an official top-ten countdown. I guess it is a good thing that I am not terribly concerned about this situation at all. I hope you have enjoyed the wrap-up of 2nd term and are looking forward to more stories as I enter into my second official year of medical school. I'm just hoping it is filled with a happy abdomen, more fiber and interesting stories (I'm definitely convinced that my first visit to the Grenadian mental hospital will come with it's share of oddities).

Finally, I have posted pictures of my new housing on the island of St. Vincent. Its not quite completed, but our land-lady insists that it will be done by February and will be fantastic. I have no reason to doubt her and am looking forward to our new home (and the beautiful views that come with it).


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YAY I made the list! As always, it's a pleasure to read your blogs, Irish!

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